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The Thick & Thin of Brisket

When it comes to BBQ, the Whole Hog Cafe theory is when it’s not broke–fix it anyway. That’s why we’ve added a tender new way to eat our perfectly smoked brisket.  We still have your favorite thin-sliced brisket but now you can also choose our Texas-Cut thick-sliced brisket for an even meatier mouthful. Those who’ve tried it have LOVED IT and we think you will too.

Try your brisket Texas-Cut next time you visit a Springfield Whole Hog Cafe location or call our catering to serve it at your next event.

New Texas-Style Brisket

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Whole Hog Cafe Poll

We’re still testing our recipes, and after last month’s vote we’ve narrowed it down to two possible additions to our menu–smoked bologna or pork belly.  You know what a pork belly is–a thick ole slice of bacon.  It makes us hungry just thinking about it.  And bologna isn’t exactly what you remember from being a kid.  The smoke packs a lot of flavor into that old favorite.
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New! Improved! Salads!

Whole Hog Cafe SaladBelieve it or not, we’ve been accused of being health nuts here at Whole Hog Cafe, and if we’re not smoking meat then you’ll probably find us at the gym.  So it was only a matter of time before we got to work improving our salads. They’re now packed with nutritious and very tasty romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.
Lots of you have let us know how much you’re enjoying our new salads, and if you haven’t tried them yet, we want to hear from you when you do!